Prayer is a space we commit ourselves to in communion with God. It's the means by which we acknowledge God in all areas of our life and humbly place ourselves before him.

We're a community that aspires to live in unity with God and to embody what that means. Pray for our faithfulness and fidelity in our walk with the triune God and that we would be people who are tuned into, and able to connect with the work of the Holy Spirit all around us all the time. In so doing, pray that we would faithfully embody and represent Christ.

Also spend time in prayer for your:

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Faith community
  4. Colleagues
  5. Neighbours
  6. Town/City
  7. Nation
  8. World
Pray for those you love and for those you struggle to love.

If you have prayer requests, feel free to use our contact page. Any requests sent through will be given attention even if you do not receive an email response.


As those seeking to live a life faithful to Christ, we believe in generosity. That generosity can and should be outworked in different ways involving the whole of our life, including our finances. There are many communal and global organisations and people worth giving to - we encourage you to support them.

As a faith community we have expenses. We promise no amazing blessing if you choose to give in support of this faith community, but your generosity to help us meet our expenses is appreciated. We work to keep our expenses to a minimum so that the generosity of our people can be outward focused.

If you choose to become a financial partner in support of Commoners, here are the details:

Bank: Westpac Account
Account Number: 03-0206-0380248-000
Reference: Commoners

Important: When you have set up a payment, email the WMCNZ National Financial Administrator (Leigh-Ann Bailie) at accounts(@)wesleyan(dot)nz with your details so you can get a receipt at the end of the financial year. Because your giving is handled by a third party, it is kept confidential from our Pastor.